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About us

Over 60 Years of Excellence

Hampton Tedder Electric is family owned and operated since 1958. We provide high voltage design, construction, maintenance and testing for overhead, underground and underwater high voltage systems. We are a proud member of the WNBC Woman owned business.

Headquartered for over 63 years at the same facility in Montclair, California; we have 9 acres of everything needed to construct a high voltage system. Hampton Tedder now has 3 offices and 9 construction yards throughout the western United States including California, Nevada and Arizona.  We have successfully completed over a billion dollars in high voltage projects. We have an excellent safety record of 0.58 EMR, and consider our mission statement to be the safest high voltage company in the United States. We perform over 6,000 field safety inspections per year. Safety, compliance to specifications and efficiency are what you get with Hampton Tedder Electric. We pride ourselves in an experienced workforce, oversight, leadership and a continuous improvement process that places a high value on the safety of our family of employees. We have logged over 10,000,000 man hours working on high voltage systems with very few incidents. We employ master journeymen; high voltage designers, lineman, cable splicers, civil operators and testmen, all provided with the latest in technology; tools and equipment needed to design, build or maintain your high voltage system.

Hampton Tedder’s managers and supervisors collectively have over 500 years’ experience in high voltage field force administration.  Each of our IBEW certified supervisors and foremen been hand selected to run crew’s with the utmost competence and safety.

If you own a high voltage distribution system, underground, underwater, or overhead, transformers to maintain, high voltage equipment that requires inspection, maintenance, testing, emergency repairs, or new construction, underground, civil and overhead, Hampton Tedder can come to your aid any place in the world on a 24 hour basis.  Our experience in the power field dates back to 1935.  With over 500 pieces of heavy duty equipment to support our workforce. We have high voltage cable splicers and linemen in our employ who have utility experience up to 500KV. They are certified to work for any city, county, state, federal or private agency.  HTE maintains a $10,000,000 stock of high voltage equipment ready for immediate delivery & installation- 24 hours a day;  including: high voltage power cable, splice kits, terminations, cutouts, potheads, poles, cross arms, hardware, pole line equipment, transformers, switchgear, cable vaults, underground conduit and duct bank supplies.

Hampton Tedder Electric has successfully completed high voltage projects with schools, hospitals, universities, utilities, municipalities, solar fields, and more.   With only a few hours’ notice we have transported crews, tools and materials to out of state and overseas destinations.  We have an excellent relationship with all I.B.E.W. local unions. We are a WBEN Certified company to help you meet your diversity goals

Interested in working with Hampton Tedder Electric? Contact us today!

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