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Green Energy Projects:

Today Alternative Energy Sources are a viable and cost effective means of Generating Electric Power. Since the mid 1980’s Hampton Tedder Electric has successfully Completed Wind, Solar and Geo-Thermal Power Generation Projects. Hampton Tedder Electric specializes in the High Voltage Transformation and Generation Necessary to Distribute Electric Power from the Green Fields to the Households. The needs for a Green Energy Project are much the same as fossil fuel projects; except Alternative Energy Projects emphasize power generation with minimal ecological impact. During Engineering, Construction, Start-up and Continued Operation, the Environment and a light carbon footprint highlight our concerns. The Customer receives a state of the art Green Energy Power Source that economically and environmentally meets all their Electrical Power Needs. Be sure to ask about our financing options for energy efficiency and renewable energy  here at Hampton Tedder Electric.

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Solar Updates

Solar Race Heats up the West Coast

(excerpt) "...There is currently more than 10,000 megawatts (MW) of solar generation being developed throughout the United States. The state of California is home to more than 60% of this development and currently has 957 MW of solar
generation in operation. The state of Nevada has more than 1,100 MW in development, with 74 MW of operational solar generation. Arizona has 7 MW of solar generation with more than 2,000 MW in development. Finally, the state of New Mexico, which has more than 300 days of sunshine per year, actually has no commercial operational solar generation facilities at this time, and only approximately 120 MW of solar generation under development..."

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